Penthouse above the Danube

private apartment

Penthouse a Duna felett

During the design process, we have created a unique apartment, which is harmonic, refined, and tailored to the owner's needs in every possible way.

We have redesigned the apartment's functions and premises from the ground up, to create such a space, that maximalizes the features of the apartment, and the beautiful view unfolding at the windows. Thus, we designed the premises in a special way, so the panoramic view could be enjoyed from every corner of this home, either we're in the living room, the bedroom, or even in the shower.

The apartment's refined, yet playful style is continued not only in the different rooms, but also on the huge terrace, which completes the inner space as the outdoor extension of the living room. The unique atmosphere is ensured by the wooden wall-panels, the immense wallpapers, and hidden doors, which are hiding the openings, and ensuring privacy, making the different rooms fully separable.

During the design, unique and remarkable details and solutions were top priority. This is how the foosball table, the custom-made neon lights, or the unique hung-in plants got their places. All of these serve one purpose: to make the most out of the time spent here.

The result is a light hearted, yet powerful, and stylish penthouse apartment, which is unique to the last detail. Spectacular, aesthetic, and fully functional.

Home at the city edge

private apartment


This project was defined by light, and elegant harmony. During our work, we had the opportunity to design a truly clean and light space, which is simultaneously elegant, cozy, and lush.

The spaces of this apartment is ruled by naturalism and cleanliness. During the whole process, we were mainly using only three colors, enhancing the coherence of the apartment. The off-white surfaces are the most decisive, broke with matte black accents, and light oak inlays. These three main colors and textures create the unmistakable atmosphere of the flat.

However, the real uniqueness of this home, is it's specific layout. We have created the premises in such a way, that they won't detach from each other. Instead, they create the whole space by running into each other. Making possible for the apartment to be truly light and unbound.

On the other hand, disappearing sliding doors make it easy to separate premises, when necessary. Nevertheless, when they're opened, the apartment comes together: a multifunctional space, an elegant environment, a cozy home.

Creating uniformity and harmony were our leading principles in every second of the design process. While colors were defined uniformly, we wanted everything to be unique and special. This way, instead of colors, we were playing with the textures and structures, to create an unmatched space.

Makeover on Bajza street

private apartment


We had the opportunity to work on our client's dream home in one of Budapest's old classic apartment building, right next to the diplomatic embassies of Bajza street. The beautiful old building, and it's environment were a particularly significant inspiration. During the design, one of the main aspects was to preserve and respect the "spirit of the place". Our concept was to reinterpret secession in a modern way. 

Our goal was to restore the onetime elegance of this apartment. We wanted to create a space, where old elements can harmonize with modern design furniture. Every space is spanned with clean wall-panels, and classical stuccos. In the kitchen, we were working with darker, grey-blue shades, and natural materials.

In the center of the living room, we brought in a sun-yellow couch, smuggling in some warmth and playfullness to the center of the home.

In the bedroom, we have designed a walk-in wardrobe, which is emphasized with the large, darkened glass door. Yet in the bathroom, burgeois elegance is fulfilled with marble, and glass-fibre wallpapers.

Rural design, with modern elements

family house


We were looking forward to an exciting work, when one of our clients entrusted us with the design of their weekend home. Our goal was to prove that old beams, demolished brick walls, threadbare furniture, and modern interior design elements can fit next to each other. Moreover, with a perfectly balanced blend, they'll complement each other exquisitely.

A main focus was to create a space for recreation, isolated from the city noise, in a fresh, homely interior, completed with today's trends.

We were also trying to play on the fusion of rural traditions and city innovations with some gags included in our design. The kitchen got white metro tiles, a rustic kitchen island, and open shelves. In the dining area, the first gag appears on the wall decor, as a nosy rooster. The oven, as an iconic piece of rural living wasn't missed either, in the outdoor kitchen, and dining area.

In the bathroom we've placed furniture with a traditional pattern, and a modern terracotta coating. Next to the bathroom's unique, black tiles, the cast-iron sink gently emerges.

The traditionalism, and the respect of the old times passes through the other premises of the house as well. The wonderful beams, or the nostalgic charm of the hardwood floors. All of this was made enjoable and unique with special solutions, colors, materials, and a hint of humour.

Family house at the forest

family house

Geometric furniture in a cozy environment

This project was defined by a long lasting trust, as one of our old clients entrusted is with designing the home of their family. The quiet home on the forest's edge is soon going to be owned by a constantly bustling family. Their special request was to use contrasting colors and materials.

The triangle of the kitchen-, dining-, and living area was designed with dark veneer surfaces, combined with light walls, jazzed up with some vivid colours, and the connection was solved with unique, geometric furniture.

We have designed the bathrooms with our stlye of modern elegance a luxury, yet all of them got their unique individuality. In the guest bathroom, darker shades ensure the feeling of modern day interior design, while the main bathroom got much softer, lighter colors and textures, to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The children's room was designed with vivid, and exciting colors, combined with a special secret, foresty interior.

In the bedroom and the work-room, the combination of dark veneer and white wall returns, mixed with a hint of vibrating colors.


Diverse office, eclectic interior

office space


To our great pleasure, today's business interiors are becoming more and more impulsive, brave, cozy, and colorful. Designing Garzon studio's new showroom let us create numerous innovative solutions. We imagined an open-office space, where co-workers are able to use the objects on display on an everyday basis.

We wanted to design a friendly office, which reflects the diverse personanalities of the co-workers. Where various shapes, form, textures and styles are mixed together. Since this office functions as a showroom as well, the highlighted furniture produced by the company got a special role, displayed on a specially built cabinet-wall.

The already exsisting, and visible technical building systems, and concrete walls give the space an industrial atmosphere, which were counterbalanced with colorful, and cozy furniture, and lots of green plants. Acoustics played an important role during this project, as the different work areas and teams were separated not with walls, but special acoustic solutions, like height-adjustable furniture.

Hightech clinic and a customer-friendly design

public building


During the design of Worseg dental clinic in Vienna, we were evoking the place's spirit, by creating the traditional vienneese buregouis interior. Our concept was built on the harmony of duality: playing with the hard and strong geometrizing of art deco, and elements simbolizing the softness of the human body.

We have created an image, which suggests cleanliness, medical precision, professionalism, yet leaves space for playfullness and the feeling of cozyness.

Both the lobby and the medical rooms are prevailed by a futuristic, high-tech atmosphere, acccoring to the clinic's high quality service. However, waiting rooms and toilets have a calm, cozy design, while still being immaculate in quality, and elegant in style.

Interior design, squared

family house

Interior design and high expectations

It's an excessive honour, when industry professionals entrust us with the design of their home. Our client, an interior designer, had the execution level plans of their house, which was inspiring us from the beginning. Thus, we were happy to create the interior design plans.

The property is located in an exclusive and valuable part of Budapest, surrounded by trees. Our clients considered keeping natural, and ingenuous materials important, in the interior space as well. In the airy, open premises, we were combining high contrast colors, emphatic materials, and clean shapes. In the kitchen and living room, we were softening the hard, concrete ceiling with wooden surfaces. Knowing our clinents' gastro-crazy side, we have designed an outstading place for wine, and ham excellences.

The monumental bookshelf, arching between two storeys, is a functional decor, while embracing the floating stairs. The parent's bedroom was connected with the batroom in an air-light, almost invisible way, creating an itimate space. The children's bedroom got a color-palette of light, pastel colors, and by playing with geometric, and natural  patterns, we created a fairytale atmosphere.



A stylish investment, in the name of masculinity

public building


With unique and groomed facial hair is returning in fashion, more and more men are looking for the men's club atmosphere of barber shops.

One of our dear clients reached out to us, to design a barber shop. This, first of all, encouraged us to do some exciting research. We were immersed in the subject of today's masculinity, in order to design a place, that truly fulfills the needs of a modern, demanding man.

In the new department of Wabi beauty center (which was also designed by the team of MYD2 , 15 years earlier) our design had a huge challenge: to match this new function to the already exsisting ones, and also avoiding the stereotypes and hackneyed solutions of barber shops.

Exlusivity was just as important, as using natural, yet masculine decoration elements.

However, a great man-cave wouldn't work without a hint of playfullness. This in ensured by the old-fashioned gentlemen, placed on the mirrors' back. This makes new guests see the faces of portraits, instead of other clients.

During this project, our team acted as a business-consultant as well, by giving recommendations on how to provide additional services beyond the base in an aesthetic, and functional way, and how is it going to be sustainable, and work as a long-term investment.