A stylish investment, in the name of masculinity

public building


With unique and groomed facial hair is returning in fashion, more and more men are looking for the men's club atmosphere of barber shops.

One of our dear clients reached out to us, to design a barber shop. This, first of all, encouraged us to do some exciting research. We were immersed in the subject of today's masculinity, in order to design a place, that truly fulfills the needs of a modern, demanding man.

In the new department of Wabi beauty center (which was also designed by the team of MYD2 , 15 years earlier) our design had a huge challenge: to match this new function to the already exsisting ones, and also avoiding the stereotypes and hackneyed solutions of barber shops.

Exlusivity was just as important, as using natural, yet masculine decoration elements.

However, a great man-cave wouldn't work without a hint of playfullness. This in ensured by the old-fashioned gentlemen, placed on the mirrors' back. This makes new guests see the faces of portraits, instead of other clients.

During this project, our team acted as a business-consultant as well, by giving recommendations on how to provide additional services beyond the base in an aesthetic, and functional way, and how is it going to be sustainable, and work as a long-term investment.