Interior design, squared

family house

Interior design and high expectations

It's an excessive honour, when industry professionals entrust us with the design of their home. Our client, an interior designer, had the execution level plans of their house, which was inspiring us from the beginning. Thus, we were happy to create the interior design plans.

The property is located in an exclusive and valuable part of Budapest, surrounded by trees. Our clients considered keeping natural, and ingenuous materials important, in the interior space as well. In the airy, open premises, we were combining high contrast colors, emphatic materials, and clean shapes. In the kitchen and living room, we were softening the hard, concrete ceiling with wooden surfaces. Knowing our clinents' gastro-crazy side, we have designed an outstading place for wine, and ham excellences.

The monumental bookshelf, arching between two storeys, is a functional decor, while embracing the floating stairs. The parent's bedroom was connected with the batroom in an air-light, almost invisible way, creating an itimate space. The children's bedroom got a color-palette of light, pastel colors, and by playing with geometric, and natural  patterns, we created a fairytale atmosphere.