Diverse office, eclectic interior

office space


To our great pleasure, today's business interiors are becoming more and more impulsive, brave, cozy, and colorful. Designing Garzon studio's new showroom let us create numerous innovative solutions. We imagined an open-office space, where co-workers are able to use the objects on display on an everyday basis.

We wanted to design a friendly office, which reflects the diverse personanalities of the co-workers. Where various shapes, form, textures and styles are mixed together. Since this office functions as a showroom as well, the highlighted furniture produced by the company got a special role, displayed on a specially built cabinet-wall.

The already exsisting, and visible technical building systems, and concrete walls give the space an industrial atmosphere, which were counterbalanced with colorful, and cozy furniture, and lots of green plants. Acoustics played an important role during this project, as the different work areas and teams were separated not with walls, but special acoustic solutions, like height-adjustable furniture.