Family house at the forest

family house

Geometric furniture in a cozy environment

This project was defined by a long lasting trust, as one of our old clients entrusted is with designing the home of their family. The quiet home on the forest's edge is soon going to be owned by a constantly bustling family. Their special request was to use contrasting colors and materials.

The triangle of the kitchen-, dining-, and living area was designed with dark veneer surfaces, combined with light walls, jazzed up with some vivid colours, and the connection was solved with unique, geometric furniture.

We have designed the bathrooms with our stlye of modern elegance a luxury, yet all of them got their unique individuality. In the guest bathroom, darker shades ensure the feeling of modern day interior design, while the main bathroom got much softer, lighter colors and textures, to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The children's room was designed with vivid, and exciting colors, combined with a special secret, foresty interior.

In the bedroom and the work-room, the combination of dark veneer and white wall returns, mixed with a hint of vibrating colors.