Home at the city edge

private apartment


This project was defined by light, and elegant harmony. During our work, we had the opportunity to design a truly clean and light space, which is simultaneously elegant, cozy, and lush.

The spaces of this apartment is ruled by naturalism and cleanliness. During the whole process, we were mainly using only three colors, enhancing the coherence of the apartment. The off-white surfaces are the most decisive, broke with matte black accents, and light oak inlays. These three main colors and textures create the unmistakable atmosphere of the flat.

However, the real uniqueness of this home, is it's specific layout. We have created the premises in such a way, that they won't detach from each other. Instead, they create the whole space by running into each other. Making possible for the apartment to be truly light and unbound.

On the other hand, disappearing sliding doors make it easy to separate premises, when necessary. Nevertheless, when they're opened, the apartment comes together: a multifunctional space, an elegant environment, a cozy home.

Creating uniformity and harmony were our leading principles in every second of the design process. While colors were defined uniformly, we wanted everything to be unique and special. This way, instead of colors, we were playing with the textures and structures, to create an unmatched space.