Penthouse above the Danube

private apartment

Penthouse a Duna felett

During the design process, we have created a unique apartment, which is harmonic, refined, and tailored to the owner's needs in every possible way.

We have redesigned the apartment's functions and premises from the ground up, to create such a space, that maximalizes the features of the apartment, and the beautiful view unfolding at the windows. Thus, we designed the premises in a special way, so the panoramic view could be enjoyed from every corner of this home, either we're in the living room, the bedroom, or even in the shower.

The apartment's refined, yet playful style is continued not only in the different rooms, but also on the huge terrace, which completes the inner space as the outdoor extension of the living room. The unique atmosphere is ensured by the wooden wall-panels, the immense wallpapers, and hidden doors, which are hiding the openings, and ensuring privacy, making the different rooms fully separable.

During the design, unique and remarkable details and solutions were top priority. This is how the foosball table, the custom-made neon lights, or the unique hung-in plants got their places. All of these serve one purpose: to make the most out of the time spent here.

The result is a light hearted, yet powerful, and stylish penthouse apartment, which is unique to the last detail. Spectacular, aesthetic, and fully functional.