Makeover on Bajza street

private apartment


We had the opportunity to work on our client's dream home in one of Budapest's old classic apartment building, right next to the diplomatic embassies of Bajza street. The beautiful old building, and it's environment were a particularly significant inspiration. During the design, one of the main aspects was to preserve and respect the "spirit of the place". Our concept was to reinterpret secession in a modern way. 

Our goal was to restore the onetime elegance of this apartment. We wanted to create a space, where old elements can harmonize with modern design furniture. Every space is spanned with clean wall-panels, and classical stuccos. In the kitchen, we were working with darker, grey-blue shades, and natural materials.

In the center of the living room, we brought in a sun-yellow couch, smuggling in some warmth and playfullness to the center of the home.

In the bedroom, we have designed a walk-in wardrobe, which is emphasized with the large, darkened glass door. Yet in the bathroom, burgeois elegance is fulfilled with marble, and glass-fibre wallpapers.