Rural design, with modern elements

family house


We were looking forward to an exciting work, when one of our clients entrusted us with the design of their weekend home. Our goal was to prove that old beams, demolished brick walls, threadbare furniture, and modern interior design elements can fit next to each other. Moreover, with a perfectly balanced blend, they'll complement each other exquisitely.

A main focus was to create a space for recreation, isolated from the city noise, in a fresh, homely interior, completed with today's trends.

We were also trying to play on the fusion of rural traditions and city innovations with some gags included in our design. The kitchen got white metro tiles, a rustic kitchen island, and open shelves. In the dining area, the first gag appears on the wall decor, as a nosy rooster. The oven, as an iconic piece of rural living wasn't missed either, in the outdoor kitchen, and dining area.

In the bathroom we've placed furniture with a traditional pattern, and a modern terracotta coating. Next to the bathroom's unique, black tiles, the cast-iron sink gently emerges.

The traditionalism, and the respect of the old times passes through the other premises of the house as well. The wonderful beams, or the nostalgic charm of the hardwood floors. All of this was made enjoable and unique with special solutions, colors, materials, and a hint of humour.